Hi, I’m Kerri. Like most people, a lot of things have happened in my life that I didn’t expect.

I am a Canadian freelance health blogger and writer. I presently write content focused on various health topics, most notably asthma, ADHD, learning issues and health technology. Writing for clients was one of those unexpected life events, and I’ve loved just about every minute of it!

In 2014, I found myself with a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education from the University of Winnipeg. (Gym? Seriously?) Then I started coaching two teams, including the Manitoba Goalball team. In university, I picked up my first few writing contracts, not realizing how much I’d enjoy the experience. Seven years later, I’m still creating health content to share with the world online, and love building better relationships with my clients each time we connect.

I write health content armed with a degree that helps me to ensure the articles I am writing are current, research-based and understandable to people from all backgrounds. The sprinkles on top? I get to have fun with the writing I do, too. (Cherries on top are overrated!) I believe that fun while writing means more fun while reading!

If you’ve considered adding a blog to your business site and simply don’t have the time, let’s explore that option! I’m always looking for new experiences to challenge myself creatively. Explore my site to learn more about what I do and who I write for, or feel free to start the conversation.

Let’s chat. E-mail me at hi[at]kerrimackay.ca.