A selection of content I’ve written for clients, including asthma blog posts, health awareness articles, and ADHD perspective pieces.

Asthma in Focus

Exploring all aspects of asthma, including exercise, travel, and everyday life.

Breathe Easy: A Guide for Being Active and Healthy With Asthma [Asthma Society of Canada]
A project for and published by the Asthma Society of Canada, this Exercise Guide empowers Canadians with asthma to be physically active, providing tips and guidance for those new to exercise, to people already committed to a routine.
Playing Hard with Asthma: How Kids Feel About Exercise with Asthma [Asthma.net]
I used to walk into work at a school-aged daycare in the morning–the kids would run at me, “Miss Kerri!” They’d exclaim before I could even get my jacket or backpack in the staff closet, “What are we playing in the gym today?” Regardless of what we played, the most eager of these kids were often kids who had asthma. Were these kids an anomaly? Research indicates they were not.
Quantified Asthma: That time I logged all of my asthma-life for 10 (plus) days [Asthma.net]
What happens when the asthma tracking solution that was right for me didn't exist? I made one. Quantified Asthma is a synopsis of a ten-day quantified self experiment..
The E in ePatient: Engagement [Asthma.net]
There’s no road map for living with a chronic disease, like asthma—but being an ePatient, for me, is the closest I’ve got.

Learning + Attention Issues

Writing on Understood.org focused on the young adult perspective on learning and attention issues on The Inside Track blog.

Health Writing

Reader-friendly, research-backed articles on a variety of health topics.

Be(e) careful! Being prepared with a bee or wasp sting allergy. [My Identity Doctor]
"Summer is upon us, and that means that your next picnic, patio lunch meeting, or casual wait at the bus stop could soon have some not-so-welcome guests. While a sting from an insect like a bee, wasp, or hornet can be unpleasant for anybody, for those with a potentially life-threatening allergy to insect stings, the presence of these unpredictable flying creatures can be anxiety provoking to say the least. Planning ahead can help you enjoy your time outdoors and stay safe."
Steps to Safety in Gym Class and Sports for Kids
Whether you loved it or hated it as a kid, gym or physical education class is an important part of education. That doesn’t mean, though, that for kids with certain medical conditions gym class or sports don't require a bit more planning than for other kids--this post shares how to make physical activity safer for kids with a variety of medical conditions.